Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One More Week!

Election day, 2014 is just six days away and to say I'll be glad when it's over would be an understatement. Politicians and politics make me sick and yet I understand it is part of a republic. It's just that the cesspools from which the advertising agencies draw their materials get raunchier with each election. Here are two examples.

In Illinois, Bruce Rauner is running against Pat Quinn, the current governor. Raunner has been attacking Quinn on his record and his broken promises. There has been nothing personal as far as I can tell. On the other hand, Quinn and his operatives are constantly attacking Rauner on his wealth and falsely accusing him of causing the deaths of some people in some nursing homes which were once owned by a company Rauner had invested money in. It's akin to accusing people who owned stock in Firestone of having caused the deaths of those killed in the SUV rollovers. It's typical Liberal politics!

In the race for Illinois senator between Dick Durbin and Jim Oberweise, the same mantra exist. Oberweise is cast as that rich billionaire [He's not, he's a millionaire!] who wants tax cuts for himself and tax increases for the middle class. Anyone who knows Liberals know that they are the ones who always increases taxes and they raise them on everyone. Nevertheless, the theme continues. Once again, Oberweise has gone after Durbin for his record in Washington and I have seen no personal attacks. Therefore, I ask, can the Liberals win any election based upon what they really believe or must they always attack the character of the person they are running against? I think not!

Anyway, being exposed to these vicious lies for the last year, I'm looking forward to nest Wednesday when these ads will be gone and the winners will be gloating and the losers licking their wounds while complaining how they just couldn't get their message out. Truth be known, they got their message out. The voters just didn't believe it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where is Obama?

Its 5 am in America, do we know where our president is? The Middle East is falling apart, all our sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan are being trashed, the IRS still has come clean about the targeting of Conservatives, we have nothing about Benghazi and Fast and Furious, young kids from south of the border are crashing the gate and where is the president? Why he's in a bar in Denver celebrating with the pot heads! Is he smoking some weed? Probably but we'll never know because even if he does, his adoring media will never report it.

This Commander-in-Chief has been AWOL [Absent Without Official Leave] ever since he first put his big feet up on the desk in the oval office. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or political analyst so see that this job is way above his pay grade. Obama is a great campaigner which is much the same as a snake oil salesman. By the way, this is my opinion of most professional politicians, regardless of party. He is able to sway the crowd as long as his teleprompter produces the words he needs to say. Making great, explosive, controversial is not leadership, it is escaping reality!

We have had to listen to this for over ten years now. It has become so bad, even his own people are beginning to have their fill of him. He defines compromise as getting his own way. He thinks because he said we should believe it. He calls every scandal phony after initially saying how mad he is. He can't remember what lie he told before and frankly, he doesn't care. He sees himself as so much better and smarter than everyone, including the leaders of his own party. We've said for a long time that the emperor has no clothes. Unfortunately, he never bothers to look in the mirror.

The disturbing truth here is we have over two more years to suffer through this tribulation placed upon us by an ignorant and uniformed electorate that twice voted with its heart instead of its brain. Furthermore, many of these were lacking in the ownership of effective brain matter to boot. 

Our only hope for survival and its not much is to rest control of the senate from the Democrats in November and keep the Republicans in charge of the house in order to slow down or prevent our slide into oblivion before this tyrannical eight years is over. I don't have much confidence in the Republican establishment to improve much but I do believe that maybe at least it will decrease the sting.

In the meantime, I hope he plays a lot more golf for the next two years. In fact, I say let him play golf for the next two years and stay out of the oval office altogether. At least we will know where he is at 5 am!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Patriot or Terrorist?

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has referred to Cliven Bundy and his supporters as "domestic terrorists". He further asserts that they have broken the law and need to be prosecuted. Mind you, these are American citizens whom Reid has denigrated to the level of common criminal for merely exercising their rights guaranteed by the constitution.

Meanwhile, this same senator refers to those who are not American citizens and have entered this country illegally as decent hard working people who just want a chance at a better life. Furthermore, he is determined to give it to them and is against any criminal action against them. Something is wrong here!

The fact is Reid fears and rightfully so, the actions of determined patriots. These people have had with an all intrusive government controlled by crooked lying politicians. They're ready to take a stand and defend this land that they love. They're willing to stand with those they see as oppressed and guarantee it with their lives. They're not terrorists, they're patriots.

Reid defends the illegals because he has every intention of seeing them granted citizenship and voting Democrat. He will give that all the goodies at the expense of the very people he refers to as terrorists. What hypocrisy!

I never dreamed I would live to see the day when obeying the law was terrorism and breaking it was heroism! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

He CANNOT Do Anything He Wants To Do!

Barack Obama was heard to say recently, "I can do anything I want"! Guess what, your royal highness, no you can't! You are employed by the citizens of the United States of America! You are not a king, an emperor, or any other kind of absolute ruler! I realize how full of yourself you are but you need to take a gander inside the truth mirror. Your actions are becoming more reprehensible each day.

The more this guy hangs around, the more I believe that he is a product of outcome based education. Here's a person who supposedly taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago yet demonstrates shear ignorance of the constitution. Instead of looking into the truth mirror, he looks into the mirror that says "You're the fairest of them all"!

Barack Obama is not the great leader he claims to be. He's a great agonizer, not organizer. He's an intimidater, not an encourager. He's a loser, not a winner. I don't feel any excitement when he speaks, I feel resentment. He brings this feelin out from me. It wasn't always there but it evolved from the time he first ran for senator in 2004. At that time, I actually liked him even though I knew we were on different sides politically. Unfortunately, His arrogant and condescending attitude has moved my feelings for him to the negative side.

As Obama continues to defy the constitution and make laws at his virtual command, I'm hoping someone steps forward to get in his way and say no! I can only hope but in the meantime, its almost three years until 2017. God help us survive!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas! Today we celebrate the miraculous birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Not only did the miracle of his birth and his whole life turn the world upside down, but the nine months leading up to it did as well!

Mary was a single woman engaged to a man named Joseph. The Bible tells us that she was a Godly and devoted woman. I assume that Joseph was much the same. Can you imagine what went through his head when Mary joyfully announced to him, "Joseph, I'm going to have a baby! Isn't that wonderful?" I can imagine his thoughts were 'How could you do this to me?", not to mention what the town folk would think!

Despite all that, God assured Joseph all was in his plan and he married Mary and adopted Jesus as his step son. As Jesus when through the process of growing up, Joseph and Mary saw conflict wherever Jesus went. From his youth he was amazing and often upsetting the theologians of that time. 

As he grew older and started his ministry, the truth he stated was too much for the hypocrites of that era. Amazingly, the poor and weak took him at his word but the wealthy and wise saw him as a threat to their power and eventually succeeded in stirring up the crowds to kill him. At least they thought they had killed him and were rid of him! Not so!

Over two thousand years later and he's still with us! And yes, they are still trying to destroy him! The war on Christmas continues while the aggressors take time off for Christmas break! What blatant hypocrisy!

In Dallas, a group of grade school kids made Christmas cards for the patients at the VA Hospital but had them rejected. Guess why? Because they said "Merry Christmas"! Excuse? These cards might offend others who have different religious beliefs! If they have other beliefs, then don't give them a card. Furthermore, how come they still get the benefits of the holiday that is so offensive? Isn't political correctness so wonderful, especially at this time of year?

Don't let it get to you! I'm not. I'm going to enjoy this day and the rest of this week celebrating the birth of the only perfect man in history who was and is the only son of God. He came to this earth with a purpose to give his life in sacrifice for each and everyone of us to deliver us from the punishment of sin which we so rightfully deserved! He gave himself as the perfect gift. I've accepted his gift, how about you? Celebrate this day by taking his gift of eternal life! Once again, Merry Christmas!