Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its Above His Pay Grade!

Well, President Obama, with the help of his teleprompter gave a speech yesterday to assure us that everything is being done to done to prevent any more occurances of terror as was experienced by the Delta Northwest passengers this past Sunday. As I watched him speak, I couldn't help but noticed that he seemed bored with his own speech! Perhaps he was annoyed that he couldn't be playing golf or swimming in the surf! Too bad, so sad Mr. "I'm the president of the world!" Your job is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Its not the West Wing television show, its reality without the TV cameras!

Perhaps if you had spent some of the last twelve years that you have been in politics taking an active part and doing research on issues and answers instead of campaigning for the next office, you might have seen that the United States Presidency is a tough job! Instead, you have constantly been in the campaign mode! I don't believe that you have the intellect to fully understand the responsibility of your job!

While people are being forced to cope with the politically correct method of sreening potential terrorist at our airports, you are off playing golf! The party is over, Mr. President! You need to start thinking about the 299,999, 9995 other Americans, not just you and your family! Are we going to see some leadership regarding the terror threat to America or is it about time you admit that the Presidency is "Above your paygrade?"

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