Thursday, January 7, 2010

When, Mr. President?

The twentieth day of this month will mark the one year anniversary of Barack Obama ascending to the Presidency of these great United States of America. A great percentage of Americans heard him swear to protect, preserve, and defend the Comstitution of the United States with the help of God! Just one question, when?

Since his acendency to this office [I'm merely interpreting the actions of the media!], Obama has done everything contrary to this oath. By executive order, he changed laws that were passed earlier, made commmitments of funds to various countries and organizations, and appointed over thirty "Czars" requiring no Congressional oversight!

He has gone all over the world apologizing for America's bad conduct in times past, bowed to foreign heads of state, and continually trashed George W. Bush at every opportunity. We have heard constantly about problems he "inherited" from his predecessor. We have heard the word "I" or "me" an average of once for every twenty words spoken. Okay man, you're Obama the Great, now prove it!

Instead, he takes shopping trips to New York, flies all the way to Denver to sign such an "urgent" stimulous bill, gives a shout out while the Fort Hood massacre takes place, and is vacationing in Hawaii while the underwear bomber tries to blow up a plane over Detroit. When, Mr. Obama, will you get off the campaign trail, get off your arrogant high horse, realize that you are not infallible, quit blaming everyone else, and assume a leadership role as President? Are you like some of the military [A very small percentage!] thinking these problems wouldn't occur during your term? Did you think so highly of yourself that you honestly believed that peace would encompass the world immediately after your innaugeration? Is this the problem or is it that you just don't care? You appear to be asleep at the switch. I believe you need to leave the campaign trail, leave the innaugeral balls, quit blaming your predecessor, and take charge! Its time to realize you are not God and there are other people who are much smarter and adept at handling these problems, and they're not politicians! They're proffesionals in their given fields. Give them a try!

I won't hold my breath but I'll be voting in November!

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