Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Do?

Once again, it is Sunday, the Lord's Day. The media is all consumed with the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, while Iran continues to threaten Israel with nuclear weapons and the wars continue in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ten million illegal aliens are demanding amnesty and President Obama continues to blame President Bush. I want to know why people of this world, even those claiming belief in God, worship the creation and despise the creator?

The volcano eruption presents far more danger and environmental consequences than this oil spill [By the way, oil is from fossils, which were animals at one time!]. The volcano is natural, as an act of God. The explosion on the oil rig is a result of human error. Giving credit to the incompetence of man as the cause of an environmental disaster, while downplaying a natural disaster, diminishes God in the eyes of the public while inflating the importance of man.

Man has tried to escape from the hand of God all the way back to the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve realized they were naked, they sowed Fig leaves together to cover their nakedness. When God called for them, they hid. God already knew their sin but he wanted them to face it. When asked by God how they had realized their nakedness, the finger pointing began.

"The woman you gave to me, [Here we have a double whammy, hes saying both God and Eve are at fault!] gave me fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and I did eat", said Adam.
Eve wasn't any better as she stated "The Serpent beguiled me and I did pick the fruit" [I wouldn't be surprised here if she had also claimed that she was only trying to please her husband!].

Well, we all know the rest of the story, don't we? God killed two innocent animals and gave their skins to the sinful couple to cover their shame. Innocent blood paid the price of their sin. Secondly, God cursed the Serpent to crawl on its belly forever. The ground was cursed and the couple was cursed. Adam went from the life of Riley to having to toil to produce food from the land [The first work release sentence in history!] for having hearkened unto the voice of a woman [Do you suppose that Eve was using the fruit for enticement?]. Eve was sentenced to submission to her husband and to bare children in pain from that submission. All this because a man surrounded by all his wealth had elevated himself and diminished God. As we all know it didn't work.

Its a couple of thousand years later and we've got the same buck passing, finger pointing, scenario. Everyone likes to have action without consequences. We buy food from around the world and suddenly we are sick. An investigation follows and we discover our beef is infected with mad cow disease. This is a disease that comes from feeding beef to beef. Cows eat grass, designed by God to go through a purifying process in the cow's body before entering the bloodstream. Meat products are ingested directly.

We've invented every birth control method possible to allow an epidemic of promiscuity but when that fails, we allow abortion all the way to the end, and if necessary we even leave the baby to die on the table to allow the woman to continue her sexual exploits uninhibited. The blood of the child is shed just as the the first animals were killed in the Garden of Eden. Eve gave the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Tree to Adam. Today they give the forbidden fruit of their body and an innocent child pays the price.

Meanwhile, they worship the creation while cursing God. They'll send a football player to prison for five years for cruelty to animals but put a child abusing parent on probation. They cry about the slaughtering of chickens but sucking the brains out of a screaming unborn child is just part of the process. They have elevated themselves to such an egotistical level that there is no hope of ever reaching them. Through all this God is sending his warnings!

Earthquakes of gigantic proportions are occurring around the world, volcanoes are erupting, economies are collapsing, Israel is threatened and man continues on hiding from God or simply denying his existence. The time is coming when God once again will say, "Where are you?" Will you be able to say "I'm over here Lord carrying out your work", or will it be "I heard your voice and I was ashamed because I'm naked"?

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  1. The original sin was anal intercourse. For the exegesis, google the first scandal Adam and Eve.