Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Mall vs The Mosque

I can't imagine that anyone has been isolated from the constant debate over the construction of an Islamic mosque less than two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City! The opponents of this construction have been vilified by the media, politicians, activist, and pundits. "You're going against the Constitution" is the cry. "You're denying them [The Muslims] their right to practice their religion freely and their freedom of speech!"

These charges are countered by the argument that anywhere but there would be fine. No one wants to deny anyone their freedom of religion. This is where the classic example of a liberal is displayed. Just as they could count a non choice for president on the Florida ballot by the "way" the person had voted [And assuming that he/she had just forgotten to punch for president!], just as the Liberal Supreme Court in Roe v Wade in 1973 could see a "Right to Privacy" clause hidden deep in the Constitution [Perhaps our founding fathers had some secret code!], the same people see an intent by the opposition to the mosque to deny basic rights to our nation's Muslims. Liberals have such a talent when it comes to distorting, stretching, or outright lying about the truth! It is openly on display here.

Lets leave New York for a bit a travel south to Washington, D.C.. Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck is having a rally in support of our troops and to honor America at the Washington Monument. Coincidentally, it is forty-seven years to the date that the Reverend Martin Luther King delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech. Why you would think that Hitler and the KKK were going to be here. The fake Reverend Al [Not So Sharp!] Sharpton is in an uproar saying the things these people represent are in stark contrast to Dr. King's beliefs. Really? What, Reverend Not So Sharp, were Dr. King's beliefs? Do you remember content of character as opposed to color of skin?

Glenn Beck said it well when he said that Dr. King was speaking for all Americans, not just blacks. Dr. King was an advocate of non-violence. He went to jail many times for his actions but never raised his fists. The oppression of blacks was and still is a horrible time in our history that we would like to forget but never should. Unfortunately, those who are so upset by this rally for America being held on "Sacred Ground" are claiming the role played by their oppressors of 1963.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NBC, CBS, ABC, and the like have pretty much become the Bull Connors, Lester Maddox's, and George Wallace's of the Twenty-First Century. The Tea Party protesters have become the reincarnation of the 1963 Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King would be there today giving his speech with much the same energy and passion as he had back then.

So my question to all the liberals out there is "What is the difference?" Its okay in your minds for followers of a faith that oppresses women and minorities, that persecutes and beheads Christians and Jews, and admires Adolph Hitler to build a mosque just yards away from the most horrific crime against America as a whole nation but its not okay for a group of American citizens to hold a rally with the almost exact causes on the sight where the great civil rights movement of the 1960's caught fire? Please explain your hypocrisy! In the meantime, no Mosque at Ground Zero and God bless Glenn Beck and the Tea Party people at the Mall!

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