Wednesday, October 27, 2010

144 Hours To D-DAY

In just 144 hours, the army of American taxpayers whose voice was ignored by the national, state, and local political machines, will launch D-DAY 2010. In this major assault, deceivers, deniers, demagogues, and Democrats will fall by the two edged sword known as the ballot. Of course, the counter offensive launched by the demons of deceit will have some effect as has already been noted by early voting. In Nevada, voters for Sharon Angle discovered that their ballot was already marked for her opponent, Harry Reid. This is no surprise since the Chicago machine, well noted for the cemetery ballots. controls the White House. As a kid, I used to think my father was crazy when he would describe tactics used by liberal Democrats. Having lived over sixty years, I now realize how right he was.

I always tried to give the Democrat Party the benefit of the doubt and like Abram in the Bible, would ask if there was but one righteous person in their mist, should they not be given a second chance? Over a period of years, there were Sam Nunns, Zell Millers, and David Bohrnes. Not any more and thus the liberal Democrat Party has become the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. We no longer see any decent people affiliated with that party and thus we will do all we can to annihilate them next Tuesday. By the way, the mobilized army is not the Republican establishment but the grass roots TEA Party people who came upon the destroyed camps of the GOP two years and started building for this battle.

As you all will remember, as God was bringing Lot and his family out of the wicked city, he warned them to not look back. Lot's wife could not resist the urge and was turned to salt. There are establishment Republicans already talking about compromising with Obama and the Democrats, thus they are looking back. This is akin to looking back at the wicked cities and these people who push that idea will indeed suffer the same consequences as Lot's wife at future ballot boxes as their political careers are turned into history!

There is a big consequence for claiming to be as big as God and so much better than your fellow men. For years, the liberals have held the belief that they were superior to the average American and could better make his decisions for him. Along came a Chicago street organizer named Barack Hussein Obama and took this pompous arrogance to the next level. He refused to work with the opposition unless they came completely his way [Can you spell dictator], he blamed them for blocking his legislation when they had no power to do so, he continually demonized his predecessor to a point where even some of his own party got sick of it, and now, as the polls indicate an election disaster, he talks about hand to hand combat and sending them to the back of the bus!

What will this Marxist dictator and his boot licking puppets, both in his party and the media say on November 3, 2010? Will they insult the American people as being too stupid to know whats good for them? Will they accuse the winners of having stolen the elections? Only time will tell but if I was a betting man, I'd bet my money on the agonizer-in-chief to show his true character of a spoiled brat who didn't get his way. Watch for his trashing of talk radio, Fox News, the Chamber of Commerce, and the wealthy! Its the only sermon this disciple of Jeremiah "G.D. America" Wright has!

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