Friday, October 22, 2010

Honest Juan, Honestly

The big headline of this week is the abrupt termination of Juan Williams by NPR [National Public Radio]. What was the great malfeasance that Juan Committed? Juan simply used his right to free speech and it was not approved by the ultra left wing public speech approval committee! Juan merely expressed a feeling of concern when boarding a plane with Muslims dressed in full religious garb. The fact is, any of us with a small amount of brain matter feel the same anxiety in that situation. Williams further expounded to state that he did not believe that all Muslims are extremist but given the nature of the September 11 attacks, fears are elevated in these circumstances.

To begin with, I'm no fan of Juan and his political views. We look from two different vantage points. However, Juan, while disagreeing with many, always conducts himself in a respectful manner and does not present his view from a mean spirited position. Quite often, he has been the defender of these same Muslim groups. Why then was Williams fired?

I believe its do in part to the pandering of the Obama administration to the Muslim world and the fact that Juan is a commentator for the much Obamanated Fox News. NPR [I would now refer to it as Nitwit Propaganda Radio] has taken its marching orders from the left for a number of years while it takes its funding from the American taxpayer and those it can dupe [I've been duped twice but that's it!] into sending them a "Tax deductible donation". NPR is supposed to be apolitical. However, if you can bare the monotone of its announcers and so called commentators, you will see that it is "A political", as in a political wing of the left.

Does anyone remember Bill Moyers and his ravings about Christians, Conservatives, and everything on the right? That was not only insensitive, it was mean spirited and bigoted but Moyers continued uncensored and uninhibited. NPR had no fears during his countless diatribes against the right. Apparently, in the eyed of the commissars of NPR, unbiased simply means no criticism of the left. Whats more appalling about the dismissal of Williams is that he said what he said on another network, not on the airwaves of the NPR Nitwork! Furthermore, these speech constables have thrown one of their own off the roof!

The actions of Nitwit Propaganda Radio commissars have sealed the doom of this useless piece of left wing propaganda. They have proven the old saying that "If you give a fool enough rope, she'll hang herself!" [I decided to be fair to women on this one!]. Juan Williams has been given a new contact at Fox News and a lucrative salary. The only loser in this mess is NPR and the thought police. In Juan's case, his being honest has honestly benefited him in the end. Keep it up Juan!

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