Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA and Abu Ghrab

Does anyone recall the outrage and subsequent results of the so called torture at Abu Ghrab prison in Iraq? Remember the charges of mistreatment of the prisoners? Lets see, they were forced to strip naked and parade in front of on looking American soldiers! The leftist in America called that torture. Well, now three year old's are subjected to torture at airports across America, loyal American citizens are subjected to unreasonable searches, and their personal parts are subjected to pornographic screenings by a bunch of government perverts!

Where's the outrage, Comrade Dick Durbin? Is this not similar to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? It sure reminds me of the Soviet prison camps of Siberia or the Nazi Death Camps at Auschwitz. Oh you say, this is different! Oh yeah? You sentenced the soldiers of Abu Ghrab, who were guilty of nothing more than college hazing, to hard labor for nine to twenty years. Isn't it wonderful how the politicians in this country can always use the military for their sacrificial lamb? I'm sure that having the Obamessiah as President in no way skews the thought process! Bull Feathers!

If you can sentence young Americans who put their lives on the line for college hazing of a bunch of Middle Eastern Goons, you darn well better get after these worthless, and soon to be unionized, TSA morons and try them for crimes against the citizens of the United States! If its good enough to try the soldier, its darn well good enough to try the TSA Barney Fifes.
There's no difference between the TSA and Abu Ghrab!

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