Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Three A.M.!

I'm sure we all remember the battle between Obama and Clinton for the Democrat nomination for President. Clinton ran an ad asking who would be up to answering a call at three A.M.. The point of the add was that Clinton would be ready and Obama would not be. Well, here we are three years later, Obama has the job and when the phone rings, he lets the machine get it or one of his aids. He's either making his basketball picks, playing golf, or too tired from all the stress the aforementioned task present.

While Obama is busy putting his big board up there for the adoring press, Libya's rebels are being defeated by Qaddafi, Japan is trying to cope with a  combined natural and nuclear disaster, gas prices are skyrocketing, and the Dow is plunging. Is there anyone in the main stream media that will have the guts to take off the rose colored glasses and hold the feet of their messiah to the fire? Are they afraid of criticising him because he's a minority? Do they actually believe that he is so great?

In the meantime, we still don't have a federal budget and Obama is AWOL. He's been presented a budget by the House of Representatives but its stalled in his Senate that is dragging its feet. We are hearing the same line from the Democratic left that we hear every time we demand that they cut back on spending. "The poor and the working man will suffer" is the drumbeat of the day! Excuse me, senators, I'm already suffering as a result of your careless spending! If you keep it up, we'll all be poor with the exception of you guys [Can you say Marxism?].

Meanwhile, the Republicans we elected to put the stop to all this reckless spending are cowering in the corner with fear of a government shutdown. Rather than follow through with the instructions we gave them in November, they keep voting for continuing resolutions rather than allow the shutdown. Let the stinking government shutdown! Show some guts you wimps or we'll give control back to you back stabbing pals in the Democrat Party.

While this is all going on at the federal, Obama sticks his nose in the business of the states. He sends out his group, Organizing For America, to cause a disturbance in Wisconsin, Florida, Indiana, and Ohio. His Attorney General, who refused to prosecute members of the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, orders the city of Dayton, Ohio, to lower the passing score required for a police officer so that more blacks can pass! Holder also initiates a lawsuit against the state of Arizona's immigration law.

Its time for Obama and his college fraternity style staff to realize the Presidency is not a party or a picnic, that Air Force One is not his personal toy, the White House is not a frat house, and top executives do not take eleven weeks of vacation in their first one and one-half years on the job! When those of us on the right questioned whether this man was up for the job, we were called racists and bigoted. Every critical remark made about this man was framed around race by the media. Here's how it plays out folks!

I'd rather have a competent white person in charge as opposed to an incompetent black person. By the same token, I'd rather have a competent black person as opposed to an incompetent white person. Race has never been the issue, competence has.

At Saddle Back Church in California, Obama responded with the statement, "That's above my pay grade" when questioned by Rick Warren about abortion. The truth of the matter is the Presidency is above his pay grade! Its three A.M. and the phone is ringing, but hes not there. Hes playing golf before heading to Rio for more fun with a little work thrown in. The party is over Mr. President, answer your phone!

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