Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mr. president, Please Define...

Dear President Obama,
Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule [Golf, dinner in New York, vacationing in Hawaii, numerous fund raisers across America, etc.] to define "American"!

In your campaign speech  budget speech, you referred to the budget proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan as "Un-American". Forgive this Bible and Gun Clinger for my ignorance but I have a hard time seeing the "Un-American" part of this budget.

Is it "Un-American" to stop making me pay for the "Murder", disguised as abortion, of over three hundred thousand innocent babies every year? Is it "Un-American" to stop making me pay for [Sorry Mike!] National Public Radio, when its bias has been proven to overwhelmingly lean in your favor? Is it "Un-American" to stop making me pay for the EPA's economy busting Cap and Tax Trade plan? I have difficulty accepting your definition of "Un-American"!

Do you care to know what I define as "Un-American"? For starters its "Very Un-American" to go to Saudi Arabia and bow to their king! If it weren't for the "Genuine American" oil companies [Which you so arrogantly despise!], this Arab country would be nothing but sand and camels! I define as "Un-American" shutting all drilling for oil in the Gulf while a number of our enemies, including "COMMUNIST" China are  following a "Drill, Baby, Drill" routine. Even more "Un-American", is giving money to Brazil to help them with their oil drilling and promising to buy it from them!

You, Mr. President have absolutely no idea what is American. Perhaps if you had really studied American history before it was rewritten by your Marxist friends in Academia. you might have a better prospective of what "American" really is. Perhaps if you had attended a real church instead of the Marxist Symposium of Jeremiah Wright, you'd have a better view of America's generosity. Perhaps if you had made friends with others as opposed to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, you wouldn't hate us Bible and Gun clingers so much.

Its a shame, Mr. President, that you who have been given so much by this great nation are too conceited to be able to see what "American" really is. Your words, Your actions, Your deeds are the real "Un-American" in this discussion, not the budget of the real "American", Paul Ryan!

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