Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally Home!

This past week was a very emotional one for me. In 1961, I witnessed the home going to glory of my Mom when I was just thirteen. At the age of sixteen, I went to live in a foster home with two wonderful people, Don and Audrey. Though she never asked to be addressed as such , Audrey became my "Mom". She took on an arduous task of raising a confused young man who no doubt caused her several bouts with indigestion and turned many hairs on her head, gray. Last Monday, Mom Audrey was called home to glory to join my birth Mom as well as my best friend and her oldest son David in that land where they will never again feel pain. At her service of celebration, her nephew, Keith, sang "Finally Home" in his tribute to her. How very appropriate!

Because of her [And Don's] unselfish love and commitment, I managed to finish high school and enlist in the Air Force. Getting there was as much an achievement for them as it was for me. I wanted to quit many times but they urged and encouraged me on. Their encouragement and support during this period of time drove me to succeed where I might otherwise have failed. It has been my driving force over the years. The question is what would make a couple such as Audrey and Don be willing to sacrifice their privacy for such a cause? The answer is simple.

Audrey and Don, early in their respective lives, had surrendered to the call of their loving saviour, Jesus Christ. From the very start, they made him the head of their home and the center of their marriage. A Godly home is a loving and caring home. Its no surprise then, that these two saints would take on the task of raising someone like me.

Their undying love for each other and their saviour ruled the conduct of their every day lives. Whether it was visiting the sick in a nursing home or hospital or attending a party for a grand child, it was seasoned with love. This was the life style that they lived together. They worked hard and they served hard. To the non spiritual person, this presents a mystery but to the believing Christian, it presents an opportunity to present the saving message of Jesus Christ. This was their standard of operation.

Last Monday afternoon, I got that dreaded phone call that I had begun to think about in recent years. Though the timing was surprising the event of it wasn't. As my thoughts drifted between sadness and jubilation, I was reminded of the phone call I had received back in 1979 telling me that my best friend David had gone on home. I experienced much the same mixture of emotions on both occasions as a piece of my heart was removed.

The visitations and services for both are concluded but the vacuum left by their departure will never be filled until we see each other again in glory. I loved David as my own brother, and I truly loved Audrey as my own mother. As sad as I am to be separated by death I rejoice to know that she indeed is finally home. Good by "Mom", I love you! Enjoy your Heavenly peace!

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  1. Thanks, Spence, for such a wonderful tribute to my grandma. She would be pleased that you used this sad occasion as an opportunity to publicly point to the love of Jesus.