Sunday, June 19, 2011

Illinois Disenfranchises Conservatives Voters

The new Illinois congressional districts have been drawn and its so phony it could make the Cardiff Giant stand up and walk! The idea of redrawing districts was originally to conform to the Constitution of not more than one representative for every thirty thousand people. It usually followed county and state lines. Not so with the Democrat dominated Illinois Legislature. These lying Commies have carved out districts in such a manner that Conservatives in six districts could very well, and almost certainly be left without a voice in Congress.

Its no surprise when you look at the track record of this state in the last twenty years. A state with a reputation of sending governors from the statehouse to the big house leaves nothing to surprise when they pull off this kind of stunt. The politicians in power are quick to point out that "Both parties do it". Yup, two wrongs make a right!

I've got an idea! Since these people want to move this state to the left, why don't we all start driving on the left side of the road in protest? Why not, everbody protest in some way so why can't we? I'm being fecicious here so don't get any ides! I do think its time for some legislation at the federal level [After all, they regulate everything else!] to set standards for this redestricting. This kind of action is akin to taking away a person's right to vote.

The process of Gerrymandering started in Massachusetts in 1812 by the Governor of that state, Elbridge Gerry. By the way, he was a Democrat. Need I say more? Anyway, he carved out a district that resembled a salamander. Russell, the editor of the Continent, coined the term after a painter naned Stuart added a head, wings, and claws to a diagram of the district that hung on Russell's wall. Stuart deemed it a salamander but Russell callled it a Gerrymander and the term was born. So much for the humor.

Its not funny, its down right disgraceful when elected officials run rough shod over the voters of this country to increase their power and ultimately, their wallets. These crooks are enabled by a mass of ignorant and lazy voters. A majority of this mass are living off the earnings of the average tax paying citizen. They could care less about the cost as it doesn't cost them anything except an occasional break from watching sports or HBO on their fifty inch flat screen TV we tax payers bought for them to go mark their ballots for the Democrat of their choice. To quote a famous Democrat from Illinois, Dick Durbin, "This reminds me of the Soviet Union"!

Whats even sadder about this whole shennanigan, hereby referred as a She-Madigan is the conspiracy between the assembly speaker, the supreme court, and the attorney-general. Really, would any loving daughter go against ther father? I'm talking about Lisa Madigan [Illinois Attorney-General], daughter of Michael Madigan, the author of this She-Madigan. Don't hold your breath and in the meantime, the Illinois Supreme Soviet Court says don't worry, we're behind you. Nothing like having the weasel guard the hen house!

We can only hope that in the upcoming elections the voters of Illinois in these districts will rise up against the people that Comrade Madigan wants to enthrone and cast them out of office. Then and only then will justice be served!

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