Friday, September 23, 2011

Success In Politics Does Not...

In his campaign speech the other day in which Obama continued on his rant to pass this bill now, he made this statement. Just because you have achieved success such as I have, doesn't mean we want to punish that success. We simply feel you can and should pay more. I've paraphrased here but its the guts of what he said. He wants people who have been successful in life to reward those who are less successful and more likely, less ambitious by paying even higher taxes. All the while, he claims this is not class warfare. That's annoying enough for me but that's not the main point of this post.

What annoys me is his comparison of success in politics to success in the private sector. Success in the private sector requires hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and investment of your own capitol. If you start from the ground up, its usually you against the elements.

Although politics requires work and some sacrifice, its usually with someone else's money and you usually have plenty of people to carry the load with you. Where as the private sector requires innovative ideas, politics requires nothing more than the BS skills of a used car salesman. Furthermore, failure in politics rarely results in the loss of your own money. You always have the party establishment to help you pay off any debts you may have incurred. In the private sector your losses are your own.

In politics, the loss of an election doesn't necessary render you unemployed. In the state of Illinois, Governor Quinn has handed out state jobs to many of his Democrat buddies who lost elections recently. The private businessman may be years without a source of income while he struggles to make good on the debts he incurred while active.

In politics, the loss of an election doesn't mean the loss of your public pension [Funded by the taxes of the private businessman!] In fact, while collecting one pension , the politician may begin a whole new public sector job qualifying for even another pension. This is not success based on hard work. Its success based upon the ability of an individual to con the voting public into voting time after time to keep the con artist in office. While Obama was speaking, he was plying his trade, Con Artist - in - Chief!

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