Friday, December 16, 2011


When the TEA Parties first made news on April 15, 2009, they were demonized as a bunch of right wing, racist, anti-government, homophobes, all of which they weren't. The media attempted to find the slightest inclination towards the labels they had placed on the gatherings. When they couldn't, they created hypothetical scenarios and even planted fake delegates touting these ideas. We all remember the supposed racial slurs and spitting at members of the black caucus outside the capitol in Washington. Not a single video or sound bite has ever emerged. By the way, the black caucus is not known for a high standard of ethics. In fact, its not noted for being ethical at all!

Fast forward to the fall of 2011 and the Occupy Wall Street mob. The love affair between the media and this group of leeches could not appear any more blatant. "This is truly democracy in action", railed the adoring reporters. "These are just average Americans who have had enough", was their cry.

Average Americans? Do average Americans defecate on a police car in public? Do average Americans urinate on the door steps of people's homes and businesses? Do average Americans rape and molest women and men at public gatherings? Do average Americans pitch their tents in public parks and create a health hazard with human waste and garbage? Do average Americans ignore an order from the police to move on? I could go on with these questions but I'm starting to bore myself.

The real average Americans were at the TEA party gatherings. Now don't jump to conclusions here. You may not agree with their views but can you remember one instance of what I listed above taking place during TEA gatherings? Zip, zero, nada! Permits were obtained for the demonstrations, the area was cleaned up before leaving, and they left [Didn't occupy!] at the end of the protest. Furthermore, there were no obscene gestures or signs, and their language wasn't laced with profanity.

The only major fault with the TEA party movement is their views do not meet the standards of the liberal media establishment. for that reason alone, the media had to attempt to create in the minds of the viewers an image of a rag tag group of malcontents hell bent on destroying the country. To a small degree they were successful. With the occupy crowd that wasn't necessary.All you had to do was look at that crowd and they created their own image for you!

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