Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Year of Decision

Well, 2012 has arrived and how is your life compared to last year, or even four years ago? If I were a betting man, I would say much worse. For my family and me, that is the case. In fact, the last really good year we experienced was 2006, prior to the takeover of America by the far extreme liberals in America. In the process, they have ridden rough shod over our freedoms and our economy.

It started with the Reid/Durbin/Pelosi/Hoyer jihad and accelerated under the Obama/Biden Regime. We still have over fifty million unemployed and on food stamps, three dollar a gallon gasoline, houses losing value each day, and Obama and Pelosi vacation in Hawaii. At least Pelosi is spending her own money. Obama is costing us ten million dollars for his luxury vacation. In the meantime, he throws all the blame on TEA Party Republicans and stupid people believe him. Don't get me wrong, for twelve years the establishment Republicans were on a spending spree just like their irresponsible liberal Democrat friends. However, when the Democrat jihad took over Washington, they lived by the motto "To the victor belong the spoils". The raping and pillaging of the American people continues even with a split Congress because of the immense power of the Senate and the cooperation of the mainstream media in America. Here's an example.

Right before Christmas, Obama and the media waged a war against the TEA Party Congressmen over a payroll "Tax Cut". The public with the encouragement swallowed it hook, line, and sinker! Classic Socialist strategy is to rename a controversial subject to make it more palatable to the people. The "Pay roll tax cut" should rightfully been call a reduction in Social Security deductions. In other words, for those of you living off your Social Security checks, the fund which provides your checks will be short almost one half a billion dollars by next year. The Liberals touched the third rail of politics and got away with it by giving it another name. 

I hope all you Obama lovers out there enjoy your Obama style "tax cut", especially when your Social Security checks stop coming because of a bankrupt fund! This is the kind of change you can really believe in! Happy New Year!

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