Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday 2012

Its Good Friday 2012 and nothing has changed since that day over two thousand years ago when angry Jews shouted to Governor Pilate, "Away with him! Crucify him!" Every day since , people continue to crucify the Son of God. How? "If you've done it to even the least of these,  my children, you've done it to me". That's a paraphrased quote from Jesus Christ himself. You want examples? Great, lets proceed!

From the time of his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection, Christ's followers have been persecuted right up to and including the present. As I sit here writing this post, a Christian pastor sits in prison in Iran waiting to be executed. His only crime? He converted from Islam to Christianity. Oh, you say, but that's in a foreign land and we know how radical the Iranians are. Oh yeah? Try this on for size.

This past week, in The Daily Kos [Some far out left super extreme website] the author took his whole column to insult religion in general but particularly, Christianity. He admitted to having been raised a Catholic but never bonded with that faith. The guts of his post was he doesn't respect our religions and doesn't have to! Of course, he had to lace his post with a few filthy expletives! This is standard operating procedure for this generation.

An even bigger disgrace is the new ABC Network show, ACB. I'm not even going to waste my words to tell what each letter stands for. Its an insult to Christian women and puts them on the same level as ladies of the night while ridiculing their faith. I do not have the tolerance our saviour had as he was led to the cross. I want to fight back. I could come up with some good insults for other religions who condone this behavior except I would be denigrating the name of Christ in the process. Suffice it to say, the Crucifixion continues, even in our land.

Someday, those who degrade and blaspheme the name of Jesus will face him as their judge. While those of us who receive him as our saviour will have our works of faith judged by him, those who reject him and continue to crucify him will be judged for their sins. Its going to be a very unhappy day for them but it is coming. This coming Sunday as we celebrate his resurrection, we will be thinking about our future with him in celebration. All others should think on that day with fear and trembling. Even so, praise God for Jesus Christ is indeed risen!

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